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Monday, September 18, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 2:12 AM

hi guys!its rather dead here=)
so yea...JOey the pro is here...(bhb)
hmms...its 2.10 nw.hahas.n i m still rushing dnt.
wth rite.hahas.lolx.
i m jux anihw doing la.
jux 4 the sake of handing up.
actl oso 2 escape ms chan kpkb-ing.
guess u all hav realised tt mrs wong is abst 4 quite awhile.
lets all hope tt she gets well soon.
advance paper is knocking on the door
so is EOY.
so ppl...
jiayous worx=))
lets celebrate when EOY ends?
n oso lets hope tt the choco fondue will b a sucess.
takkaires guys.
-JOey-the pro=)

Sunday, September 10, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 8:44 PM

lets see how the timetable changes.i hope art and lit dun come on monday.....
tomorro school again.the skin changes again.
can dun say thankyou?haha.

Friday, September 08, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 11:22 AM

heyhey .
higher chinese students .
you all still remember the movie Li lao shi told us about ?
I am Sam ?
Well yeah .
For those who dont know and wants to watch it .
I am Sam will be on Channel 5 , this saturday at 1030 pm . (:
oh. btw. it's commercial free . :D
So yeah .
I'll be watching <3

i'm out.

Thursday, September 07, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 10:09 PM

hihi again.as promise...i will blog on the hwk.so yea.
here i m lo...2 blog on the hwk.
holiday hwk:
1)maths e-learning(do wksht attatched,sign the paper)
2)eng(the oral thg)
3)lit(comics strip)
4)MT(lantern making)
5)DnT:ms chan grp(sum1 hlp mi recall n tag at the board,thx)
6)art(dese is sucky-research)
7)geo(pg 26&28)
8)CE(reflections)cant rmber topic
*EDIT! : C.E. the reflections is do anything that happened in C.E.
like the " most memorable occasion" worksheet. :D

yea...tts all i hav...the rest i nt sure...

so nthg le...bb...hol ending le,lotsa hwk haven do.

or shld i sae...i haven evn started.hahas.
im out of here=)


Saturday, September 02, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 7:52 PM

E2 .

Something to take note of .

The maths worksheet . has this part whereby the parents are to acknowledge and make sure you do your homework right .

yeah .

you MUST sign it . AND . BRING IT BACK when school reopens.

PS: CHARLENE , I'll scan in for you asap . Sorry ! Should be scanning it latest Tuesday . (:


Friday, September 01, 2006
As we go on, We remember all the times we had together. 7:02 PM

yo guys...i can finally blog here!
yea!1st of all,happy trs day.hahas.
er...hope mrs wong dosent
mind us playing wid the main switch.hahas.

holiday hwk:
1)maths e-learning(do wksht attatched)
2)eng(the oral thg)
3)lit(the comic strip thg)
4)mt(lantern making)
5)DnT:ms chan grp(erm...sum1 pls hlp mi recall le den tag at the board)
6)art(dese is sucky-research)

erm...i thnk ts all...4 anithg i miss out...4 dose hu cant blog,tag at the board,4 dose hu can blog,hlp mi edit.
4 dose hu can blog but lazy,oso tag at the board.

ani1 wans 2 do the hwk not.pls tell mi.cox i dun feel lyk doing.hahas=)

2 the guys hu read dese,pls hlp 2 remind each other 2 control urself,b it whether deres a tr or not.as most of u hav seen.
2 guys played till dey fought.pls la...grow up cans?u wan 2 play den dun fite.wan 2 fite den dun play.
play le den fite,wad if a tr happen 2 pass by,wad do u thnk the consequences will b?
guys...i noe at dese age...u will tend 2 get abit playful n 4 sum,"dirty".
but pls try 2 control urself.its veh hard 2 ask u guys 2 keep ur volume dwn.
seeing kim raising her voice reali makes me wonder,is dere a use?
guys,pls thnk thru,spare a thot 4 others.
i noe i m nobdy 2 sae dese,but still,evry1 plays a part in maintaining the cls reputation.
we were bonded during orientation camp,we hav been thru at least 5 mnths as a cls.
n deres still more 4 us 2 go thru in the road dwn the yrs till we separate in sec2.
tts all i wan 2 sae.

oya.anibdy interested in making cls-t?hahas.